Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trophy Bream Sunfish Techniques

Sunfish (bream) are favorite panfish for millions of freshwater anglers. Although they are usually easy to locate and catch, at times these fish can be a challenge for anglers. Having an arsenal of techniques will increase the odds of success. To insure a good catch of sunfish, experiment with these proven tactics:

 - Fish the early morning. In some locations the bite can be incredible during the first hour of daylight.

 - Cast as close as possible to structure such as stumps, cypress trees, overhanging limbs.

 - Target areas of water flow (springs, culverts, dams, channels, tidal rips).

 - Watch for seasonal food sources and adjust fishing techniques to exploit changing behavior.

 - Use ultralight outfits, cane poles or fly fishing gear to present small natural baits to wary fish.

 - Try fishing for sunfish with a kayak. Fishing kayaks allow fishermen to explore areas that are impossible to reach using conventional boats.

 - Wear polarized eyewear to help spot fish, structure and bottom features

 - Keep essential fishing equipment available including line cutters, pliers, camera, etc.

 - Keep a journal, noting time of day, weather conditions, barometric pressure, moon phase, water levels, etc.

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