Monday, May 16, 2011

Marabou Jigs for Catching Panfish

Marabou jigs are always popular for catching panfish. They come in a range of weights, patterns, and material combinations. These simple designs feature a painted lead head jig, a chenille body and marabou feathers. Solid colored jigs are popular, such as white, black, yellow, chartreuse, green and other colors.

Marabou crappie jig patterns feature color combinations. Some of the most famous are red head/black body/white tail, red and white, pink and white, chartreuse body/black tail and others.

Small spinner arms are sometimes added to traditional marabou jigs to create spinnerbaits. These specialized rigs consist of a wire arm, which attaches to the line. The arm has upper and lower snaps, to which a jig and spinner blade are attached.

One advantage of this design is its modular construction. The arm allows anglers to quickly change the jig, allowing for variations of weights, colors, or head shape. The spinner adds an element of flash and pulse, and also allows a slower retrieve. The wire spinner arm also helps prevent snags and increases the chances of catching larger species.

Marabou jigs are an excellent choice in spring and early summer for catching yellow perch, crappie, sunfish and other species. In addition to panfish, these simple lures often take larger species such a largemouth bass, pickerel, and walleye.

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